Friday, May 29, 2009

Another week, another quilt started...

I have started another quilt this week - a zigzag quilt. The weather has been horrible so no good photos of fun quilting. I am slowly making my way through the pattern. It is quite a puzzle and as a puzzle lover, I am enjoying every minute of it. I based it on crazymomquilt's tutorial and used a chunk of my Ginger Blossom fabric stash Here's a little snippet...

Awful pic, fun quilt. Here's another where my puzzle has suffered from the Spring breezes blowing through the house...

I am trying to keep up with Old Red Barn Co.'s quilt along, although I am about a week behind everyone else. I am working on cutting it between zigzag sewing spurts. It's worthwhile for more than just having a beautiful quilt when you finish - she is giving away a gorgeous Janome 6600 to someone who has quilted along.

On another giveaway front, turning*turning is celebrating her 100th post with a giveaway of her own. She is giving away this beautiful wall hanging:

Post an answer to her question on her blog for the chance to win. She wants to know how you make time to make things. As a single woman, I know I have it pretty easy - when I want to make something, I have the time. When the mood strikes, I craft. I don't know how all of you with husbands and children juggle crafts and a household. I am always amazed to meet women who manage to do both so well.

Oh and while you are there, subscribe to her feed - you won't regret it. Her posts help organize and prioritize your crafting and your thoughts.

Good night and pleasant quilting dreams to all!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The best laid plans...

That Friday night sewing fest I promised? Never happened. I didn't sew a block. I am having a little block on the sewing. Fabric buying? No block. I ordered 11.5 yards of fabric (mostly Erin McMorris' new Wildwood line. It's gorgeous. The Flower Shower in green is my absolute favorite. It reminds me of those adorable thrifted sheets so many sewers seem to find from the '70s. Fabric Worm is selling this whole line (and many others including Japanese imports) -and they have a coupon this weekend - 15% off of all orders $75+ with coupon code sc15off. (through 5/26/09).

I also placed an order from Z & S fabric. I couldn't resist the 20% off storewide sale. Their prices are so low to start, 20% just makes them irresistable! I ordered this yummy Kiwi line from Timeless Treasures. Speaking of Timeless Treasures, I can't believe the wonderful new lines they have debuted this Spring. From Kiwi, to Apple, to the fun Strawberry Fields line, they have really impressed me. And from the way my favorite Etsy stores are selling out, I would say I am not the only one quite impressed.

I am planning on making a gift quilt for a graduating senior in my family. She is moving to St. Augustine, Florida to go to college. So I thought I would make a throw type quilt for picnics at the beach and a tote bag to transport it. I saw this picture from Quilt Market (I know!) and thought I would attempt it.

I'll leave it at that and try to get back to my quilt. Hope the weather holds for everyone's Memorial Day plans.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Long week, but I have pictures!

Time flies when you are on vacation. I haven't worked much on my quilts (actually not at all on the Flutterby quilt!) but I have managed to get some blocks completed on the string quilt. I have about 18 more blocks to complete on that one. I am really enjoying putting it together. I was able to get some pics of both. Here are a couple of my string blocks:

And the pile of completed blocks:

A lot of fun and, for me, a lesson in getting past matchy matchiness! I also managed to get some pics of the Flutterby quilt. Don't mind the free motion stitching, I am just learning!

I am spending my Friday night sewing more blocks. I hope to get it done tonight. Then I can do the fun part - ripping the paper off the back!

Last week was Quilt Market in Pittsburgh. I was hoping to get there this year (I've never been, but always wanted to) but I was unable to take the time. My goal is Houston in the fall. If you haven't seen pics from the show, check some out at True Up. I have already placed my pre-orders for Hushabye and Mezzanine and will be looking to order some of that gorgeous Picnic Parade.

Summer has arrived here and there's one way to tell. The farmers are all haying the fields. We have hayfields behind our house and they were cut today. There is no better smell than after a field has been cut. Think freshly mowed lawns, multiplied by a thousand...

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Well, every blog starts somewhere and here is where mine starts.

I have been sewing for quite some time and have always wanted to quilt, but just never tried. So, I just started my first quilt projects. Yes, that is projects, plural. I think I have a short attention span, so I like to have 2 projects going at once. That way I don't get bored with one and I can go back and forth between the two. One is a baby quilt, somewhat basic although I am free motion quilting it. The other is a string quilt from my (very) large bag of scraps.

I was going to take pictures of both today so I had something to show in my first post, but Mother Nature wasn't agreeing with me. It rained all day. The other day it was gorgeous here, but of course not when I needed the sun.

Hopefully I will be able to get those photos tomorrow and get things really rolling!